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Kabuklu Çam Fıstığı (Künar) 1 Kg Adeti
Discover the delicious and nutritious world of organic Kabuklu Çam Fıstığı (Künar) with this 1 kg package. Sourced from the luscious forests of Turkey, these pine nuts are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to your diet. The nutty, rich flavor of these organic pine nuts makes them a perfect snack on their own or a delightful addition to your salads, pesto, or baked goods. Each nut is carefully selected and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality, promising a delightful and satisfying experience with every bite. Indulge in the natural goodness of Kabuklu Çam Fıstığı (Künar) and elevate your culinary creations with the best of nature.

Kabuklu Çam Fıstığı (Künar) 1 Kg Adeti

Stok kodu: 0001
  • 1 kg ve üzeri sipariş alınır.Her yere kargo imkanımız vardır detaylı bilgi için arayınız.

  • Vitaminler Vitamin E: 9,33 mg Vitamin B3: 4,387 mg
    Enerji 673 kcal /100g
    Protein 30.6 – 41.2 g/100g
    Yağ  42.5 – 57.5 g/100g


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